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Lemon Oven Your Pandemic Proof Lemon Chips of Batu Ahmad Mujahidin, the local citizen of Tulungrejo, Bumiaji, Batu, East Java showed the way he made his lemon chips. (Photo: Muhammad Dhani Rahman/TIMES Indonesia)

TIMESLAMONGAN, BATU – For you who loves some exotic food, Lemon Oven of Batu, a lemon chips which rich in taste chips could be one of your choice to try. This chip was made of dried lemon with crispy, tasty, and little bit sour taste.

Ahmad Mujahid, the owner of Lemon Oven started his business about a year ago. He started with making some vegetables chips and turned to lime chips. After having some failure on his chips business, he decided to make lemon chips.

This guy dried the lemon chips using a huge oven which he designed himself. The oven is powered by the sunlight. Commonly, he will need around 14 hours to dry 5 kilograms of sliced lemon in 40℃.  

“I designed the oven by myself and ask someone to help me for the finishing. The oven has 2,5 metres height and 1,5 metres wide,” Ahmad Mujahidin said.

As any other business goes down or even has to be closed during the pandemic, Ahmad even receive more order for his Lemon Oven. With this condition, there is no question that this lemon chips becomes one pandemic proof business in Batu, East Java. (*) 

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