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High-Cholesterol Foods that You Should Avoid Quail eggs. (PHOTO: Exclusive)

TIMESLAMONGAN, JAKARTA – Not all healthy foods can be consumed in a large amount. Some nutritious foods may give negative impacts to your health due to its high cholesterol level. High cholesterol may lead to cardiovascular diseases.

Here are several nutritious foods that are high in cholesterol according to Dokter Sehat.

1. Quail eggs

Every five quail eggs contain 1.6 grams of saturated fats. This amount is slightly larger than the amount of saturated fats in chicken eggs, which is 1.5. grams.

This means that if we consume too much quail eggs, we could increase the bad cholesterol level in our body. That’s why, we should limit the consumption of quail eggs in order to lower the cholesterol level.

2. Innards

Innards, such as liver, intestine, heart, and gizzard, are very delicious. However, the people who have cholesterol should not eat innards due to its very high cholesterol level.

Every 30 grams of chicken liver contains 130 mg cholesterol. Meanwhile, a small piece of cow liver may contain 156 mg cholesterol.

3. Sardines

Sardines are easy to cook. However, this fish have a high cholesterol level.

In fact, every 92 grams of sardine contains 131 mg cholesterol.

4. Cheese

This dairy product also contains high cholesterol level. Every 28 grams of cheese contain 27 mg cholesterol. However, health experts claim that consuming cheese does not give too much impact on the bad cholesterol level inside the body.

5. Full-fat yoghurt

There are various types of yoghurt, including full-fat yoghurt. Every 245 grams of full-fat yoghurt contains 32 mg cholesterol. However, this type of yoghurt also contains other nutritious ingredients, so it is recommended to consume. We may also add some fruits to it to get the optimal nutrient.

Those are the foods that you should avoid if you have high cholesterol level. You can substitute them with other nutritious foods that have lower cholesterol level. (*)

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